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Dennys House Of Plumbing

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• Residential and commercial jobs

• Custom single-family dwellings

• New construction, additions & remodels.

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Family Owned For Three Generations.

Denny’s House of Plumbing was established in 1950 by my grandfather, Denny. Throughout the years, we have become known as one of the most reliable, experienced and proficient plumbing companies in the area. We pride ourselves in being a 3rd generation, family owned for three generations. As a smaller company we absolutely guarantee the personal attention that your project deserves at a competitive rate. If you should choose Denny’s House of Plumbing, we will guarantee professional care in making sure that every detail of your job runs smoothly and efficiently.


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We keep an eye on budgets and timelines to stay on top of key deadlines, while working closely with general contractors, project managers and residents to deliver safe, quality service.

Staying Safe

Your health & safety is of the utmost importance to Dennys House of Plumbing. We follow proper Covid-19 safety guidelines on all our job sites. Both the CDC and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have given guidelines to limit exposure to Covid-19. The following are a few examples of our standard level of safety.

  • Confirm the service or project is set up to limit the number of individuals at the job site.
  • Standard social distancing and wearing proper PPE. (Personal Protection Equipment, ie. masks, face shields.)
  • Coordinated scheduling to prevent contact between individuals.

By adhering to these specific guidelines, our customers and plumbers have far less risk of exposure to COVID-19, as well as reduced fear or anxiety.